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  Application Execution Optimization in Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Environments, Richard Wallace (PhD Thesis): Link (2016)

  Autonomic Resource Contention-Aware Scheduling, Mehdi Sheikhalishahi, Lucio Grandinetti, Richard M. Wallace, Jos Luis Vzquez-Poletti: (2015)

  A Multi-capacity Queuing Mechanism in Multi-dimensional Resource Scheduling, Mehdi Sheikhalishahi, Richard M. Wallace, Lucio Grandinetti1,Jos Luis Vzquez-Poletti, and Francesca Guerriero: (2014)

  Spot price prediction for cloud computing using neural networks, Volodymyr Turchenko, Vladyslav Shults, Iryna Turchenko, Richard Wallace, Sheikhalishahi Mehdi, Jos Luis Vzquez-Poletti, and Lucio Grandinetti:

  Regulated Condition-Event Matrices for Cloud Environments, Richard Wallace, Patrick Martin, and Jos Luis Vzquez-Poletti: (2014)

  Applications of Neural-Based Spot Market Prediction for Cloud Computing, R.M. Wallace, V. Turchenko, M. Sheikhalishahi, I. Turchenko, V. Shults,J. L. Vzquez-Poletti, and L. Grandinetti: (2013)

  A performance/cost model for a CUDA drug discovery application on physical and public cloud infrastructures, Gins D. Guerrero, Richard M. Wallace, Jos L. Vzquez-Poletti, Jos M. Cecilia, Jos M. Garca, Daniel Mozos, and Horacio Prez-Snchez: (2013)

  Consideration of the TMS320C6678 Multi-Core DSP for Power Efficient High Performance Computing, Richard M. Wallace, Bogdan Vacaliuc, Dwight A. Clayton, Bruce R. Chaffins, Olaf O. Storaasli, Dave Strenski, Dan Poznanovic: Link (2011)

  Cybersecurity through Real-Time Distributed Control Systems, R. A. Kisner, W. W. Manges, L. P. MacIntyre, J. J. Nutaro, J. K. Munro, P. D. Ewing, M. Howlader, P. T. Kuruganti, R. M. Wallace, M. M. Olama: Link (2010)

  Agile Development Methods in Current Environments, Working in Chaos & Complexity for Success, Richard Wallace: Link (2009)

  Formal Methods In Software Engineering Seminar, Richard Wallace (2007)

Foundations 1

Foundations 2


Applications & Practical Issues

  Reconfigurable Computing Seminar, Richard Wallace (2005 & 2006)

Models of Computation

EE IC Refresher/Primer

Component ASIC, PLD, CPLD, FPGA and addendum

Electronic Design Automation

VHDL Primer, part 1

VHDL Primer, part 2

System Architecture

System Design

System Design Tools


Military/Aerospace Applications


  Reconfigurable Computing Machine Implementation of Rational Trigonometry Algorithms for Missile Tracking and Prediction, Richard Wallace: Link (2006)

  Beauty and the Beast, RITA meets Beowulf, Richard Wallace: Link (2004)

  Program Construction from Formal Specifications, Richard Wallace: Link (1997)

  Interchange of Electronic Design Through VHDL and EIS, Richard Wallace: Link (1987)

  A Data-Driven Operating System for Data-Driven Architectures of Real-Time Systems, Richard Wallace, James McDonald, Duane Hague: Link (1984)


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